Wednesday, 30 December 2009

12th Man wishes everyone a Happy New Year

Having set up the 12th Man Initiative at the start of August 2009, Oxford United Supporters have spent remarkable time and effort in building a fund to help Chris Wilder and Oxford United strengthen the first team squad. The initial target was ONLY to raise £10,000 to help supplement the playing budget.

It is with great pride that as of 1 January 2010 the fund has raised over £24,000, of which £5000.00 secured the signing of Jamie Cook and a further payment due in respect of Onome Sodje's loan wages. The exact amount will be announced once the 12th Man have passed an invoice.

The Process

The process works by the Club Chairman (Kelvin Thomas) applying to the Fund Management Committee, for either a Transfer Fee, Player Wages, a Loan Fee or Loan Wages. The three-man Fund Management Committee is made up of two supporters and Mr Thomas, where the amount is discussed and approved. Payment is then made to the Football Club with receipts being required.

A Contract of Understanding between OxVox, Oxford United Supporters and Oxford United Football Club was signed before the 12th Man Initiative was launched. We will be putting this document in the public domain in the very near future so that everyone can see the thorough terms and conditions which must be adhered to at all times.

We now are entering the January 2010 Transfer Window and the 12th Man Fund is ready to support Oxford United Football Club, Kelvin Thomas and Chris Wilder at this important stage of the season.

We take this opportunity to wish evey Oxford United Supporter and their families a Happy New Year.

12th Man

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Greetings - New Total Announced

Total raised since Day 1 of the 12th Man Fund passes £20,000 !

By yesterday, 21st December 2009, the total cleared funds in the 12th Man account had risen further to £17,903.

This means that in total, including the payment of £5,000 made in respect of Jamie Cook, a magnificent £22,903 has been banked.

Still time to donate before 31st December

Donations: £10 or more to 12th Man gets you entry into a draw at the end of this month for a day at the training ground. early in the New Year. £20 or more also gets you a year’s free membership of OxVox. Please donate online, via the OxVox and OxKits websites, or send a cheque payable to ‘The 12th Man’ to 18 Harvest Way, Witney, Oxon OX 28 1EG.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

12th Man Update - Friday 11th December 2009 - NEW TOTAL

The 12th Man this evening can announce that we now have cleared in the 12th Man account a sum of £14,300.00.

Since the 12th Man has been in operation (1 August 2009) we have raised and cleared £19,300.00, of which £5000.00 was used for the purchase of Jamie Cook.

We are still awaiting monies to come in from a number of sources over the next three weeks. Therefore, we will announce a further total just prior to the January's 2010 Transfer Window.

Thank you for your continued support.

12th Man

Thursday, 26 November 2009

12th Man Update - Friday 27th November

12th Man Update – 24 November 2009

Onome Sodje

First, we are very pleased to confirm that the 12th Man Fund has enabled a second signing to be made. The Fund will pay for Onome Sodje’s loan period here. Welcome, Onome, and every success during your time with United.

The £10,000 target is smashed!

By 23 November the total cleared funds in the 12th Man account had leapt to an extraordinary £9,462.

This means that in total, including the payment of £5,000 made in respect of Jamie Cook, £14,462 has been banked. The initial target of £10,000 over the whole season has been demolished and it will rise further in the coming days – a tribute to the fans and to everyone involved.

Events update

The Priory Race Night on 21 November and the 6-a-side on 22 November made for a busy weekend and everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. Congratulations respectively to Tim Rackley at the Priory and to Mark Sennett of OxVox for organising these two events so successfully. The victorious United 6-a-side team are pictured – they did not have the strength left to lift the trophy, so you can only see the top of it!

12th Man Christmas Party at the Priory on December 5th: Look out for the announcements this week and next, and please come along after the match against Ebbsfleet. This will be an event for all the family, featuring food, a raffle, and a memorabilia auction.

Sunday 6th December: The second afternoon 6-a-side competition is held, again at Oxford Brookes. Having won the first competition the OUFC team will be going for the double.

Other fundraisers:

Donations: These are picking up now and more are welcomed to boost that total! £10 or more to 12th Man gets you entry into a draw at the end of 2009 for a day at the training ground. £20 or more also gets you a year’s free membership of OxVox. Please donate online, via the OxVox and OxKits websites, or send a cheque payable to ‘The 12th Man’ to 18 Harvest Way, Witney, Oxon OX 28 1EG.

Wristbands: 3,000 wristbands were produced and 2,800 were sold last week. Many thanks to the Oxford Mail and the Club for a strong promotional campaign. Only small numbers remain. There is no immediate plan to re-order at this point. The remainder are being sold around the ground.

12th Man badges: 4,000 were produced of which 3765 have been sold. Only yellow badges remain, and subject to availability will be sold at the club shop and around the ground.

Flag bearer: The flag bearer package for £50 is well established – a few matches remain this season. Please email for details.

OxVox membership: For the rest of the year, supporters’ trust OxVox is donating 25% of all new membership fees to 12th Man. Sign up at .

Photos: The 100 limited edition signed photos of Les Phillips and Jeremy Charles in the 1986 Milk Cup run have also sold heavily but some still remain – to reserve yours please contact Greig Box Turnbull at .

Looking forward

12th Man doesn’t stop with 2010 arriving. There will be a pause over the festive period, but we already know of several new ideas running up to the end of the season and beyond. If you want to run an event or have a fundraising idea, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

12th Man sign Onome Sodje

Today Oxford United's Chairman, Kelvin Thomas, thanked the fans once again for their support which is helping to bring in new faces into the club.

The 12th Man Fund yesterday helped Chris Wilder's Oxford United to sign Barnsely striker, Onome Sodje on loan until January 2010. Kelvin said:

"We felt it an important time to strengthen especially with the injuries we have picked up. The 12th Man Fund enabled us to bring in two players rather than just one. It was the fans who enabled us to bring in Onome on loan, just as they helped us to bring Jamie Cook back to the club.

"I am sure that Onome and Franny (Francis Green) will be great assets. The way the 12th Man keeps backing the club is fantastic and is playing a major part in everything we do. The support we receive on a matchday and the financial help from the 12th Man both highlight how the club, the players and the supporters are all pulling in the right direction"

Speaking on behalf of the 12th Man, Trevor Lambert added:

"This is exactly the kind of situation the 12th Man Fund was designed to help with. Fans recognise the importance of adding to the manager's options at this crucial stage of the season. Everyone involved with the fund is very happy to see the fans' money put to good use in signing Onome Sodje, and we wish him and Franny Green every success during their time with the club".

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Oxford Mail 12th Man Wristband UPDATE

The Club shop and the Priory are now added to the list of places selling the new wristbands, and sales are going really well with over 600 sold in the first few days. With the vast interest, the 3000 wristbands should be sold sooner than expected.

The bands, launched this week with a fanfare in the Oxford Mail and a series of stories, are now on sale from a number of outlets around the city. A list of the outlets is given below. We have been pleasantly suprised to hear that the outlets are quickly selling out and requesting more stock.

The United ticket office is also selling the bands to personal callers and have sold well in excess of 100 to fans buying future tickets.

Saturday will see a major selling effort for the wristbands around the stadium.

They will also be available on eBay very soon.

Outlets selling the bands:

1. Eidco - Botley Road

2. Acorn - St Nicholas Road, Littlemore

3. Deltys - Blackbird leys

4. Spar - Greater leys

5. Lal News - Barns Road, Cowley

6. Old Mans Premier - Rose Hill

7. Dudaur News - Horspath Road, Cowley

8. Horspath Post office and stores, Horspath

9. Premier, London Road, Headington

10. John Irvin stall, St Ebbes, Oxford

Make sure you get your stocking filler before it is too late!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Oxford Mail '12th Man' Wristband NOW ON SALE

The new 12th Man wristbands will be launched today, Monday 16th November.

They have been produced with the help of the Oxford Mail and will be promoted by them next week. In addition the Mail has arranged for some of their outlets to display and sell the wristbands. A list of these establishments will appear in the Oxford Mail.

The wristbands will also be available from the club Ticket Office, Monday to Friday, for personal callers paying cash.

The wristbands will be available for a minimum donation of only £1 and all profits will go into the 12th Man Fund.

If you can wait until Saturday, we are arranging for teams of sellers to be around the ground before the Barrow game. Look out for them with their big yellow buckets. The wristbands will be made available in just over a week's time via eBay.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Latest news update

First some dates for your diary.

Saturday 21st November: Please come along to the Race Night in the Priory pub, from 8pm. Come and enjoy a great evening! All money taken on the tote will be split 50/50 with the 12th Man fund.

Sunday 22nd November: The first 6-a-side football competition from 2pm-5pm at Oxford Brookes sports centre off Old Road in Headington. Spectators welcome – come along and watch the OUFC team featuring Chris Wilder and Kelvin Thomas attempt to retain the trophy they won 3 years ago.

Saturday 5th December: An early evening Christmas party in the Priory shortly after the match against Ebbsfleet. This will be an event for all the family, featuring food, a raffle, a mini-auction, and entertainment. Watch out for further details nearer the date.

Sunday 6th December: The second afternoon 6-a-side competition is held, again at Oxford Brookes. The OUFC team will be trying for a unique double – winning both competitions!

Money raised

As you can see, the amount declared is now £8,200, meaning that there was £3,200 in cleared funds in the 12th Man account on 4 November.

This total does NOT include any money from the sponsored walk on 31 October (see picture) for which an almost incredible £5,000 has been pledged, nor does it include a pending cheque for £750 from the Priory to be banked in the next few days. With money to come in from the events above, and other activities such as badge sales and flag bearers, as well as donations, expect to see a sharp rise in the figure very soon.

Other fundraisers:

12th Man badges: Only a few hundred are left now of both yellow and white versions, please get yours soon to avoid disappointment.

Wristbands: These will be coming soon so keep your eyes and ears open for announcements!

Flag bearer: The flag bearer package for £50 is well established – a few matches remain this season. Please email for details.

Ideal Christmas gift No. 1: The 100 limited edition signed photos of Les Phillips and Jeremy Charles in the 1986 Milk Cup run are selling fast – to reserve yours please contact Greig Box at .

Ideal Christmas gift No. 2: Paul Wakeford offers to produce a unique cartoon of you: for each cartoon sold a donation is made to 12th Man. For details email Paul on .

OxVox membership: For the rest of the year, supporters’ trust OxVox is donating 25% of all new membership fees to 12th Man. Sign up at .

Donations: Give £10 or more to 12th Man to enter a draw at the end of 2009 for a day at the training ground to meet the players. Give £20 or more to also receive a year’s free membership of OxVox. You can donate online, via the OxVox and OxKits websites, or send a cheque payable to ‘The 12th Man’ to 18 Harvest Way, Witney, Oxon OX 28 1EG.

Have an idea?: If you want to run an event or have a fundraising idea, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Monday, 2 November 2009

12th Man Update - Monday 2 November

Saturday was a remarkable day for the 12th Man.

The sponsored walk organised by William Willmott was a huge success and initial indications suggest a figure approaching £4000-£5000 may have been raised. Special thanks to all the hearty walkers who took to the event, with special praise to both Kelvin Thomas and Les Phillips who not only joined but contributed a massive amount to the monies raised. A full update will be provided once all the monies have been accounted for.

Oxford fan and Mirror journalist Greig Box Turnbull meanwhile was at the ground with Jeremy Charles to greet Les Phillips. Les and Jeremy then proceeded to sign 100 special edition photos of the pair as they sat in the Manor Ground's dressing room celebrating the club's route to success in the 1980's. With well over half of the photos being sold we expect a few to remain in the coming days. Should you wish to secure this fantastic memento then please contact Greig at . We expect to see the profits and proceeds into the 12th Man fund over the next few weeks.

12th Man Badges continue to be snapped up week after week. At the weekend John Gould, Sean Wilde, Chris Davis and others sold a further 146 yellow badges and 142 white badges, adding a further £600+ to the fund. Special thanks to OxVox Committee Member Sean, who managed to personally sell 112 badges outside the South Stand and in The Priory. Current stocks are 542 yellow and 214 white, so should you wish to get a supply for Christmas then please email the 12th Man.

The next month or so will see further 12th Man activities. OxVox are running two 6-a-side 12th Man Competitions with the club entering teams into both tournaments. In addition, The Priory will be holding both a Race Night and a Christmas Party. Full details to follow on those events.

We still have another pre-Christmas 12th Man fund-raiser due to be launched and this will see the 12th Man brand hit Oxfordshire, watch this space over the next two weeks!!!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Limited edition photos released!

TWO Oxford United legends have added their support to the fans' 12th Man Fund by backing a new exciting venture.

Les Phillips and Jeremy Charles, who both starred in Oxford's magnificent Milk Cup final victory at Wembley, have agreed to sign 100 limited edition photos that will be sold for the fund. The iconic image, released from the Daily Mirror's photo archive exclusively for the 12th Man Fund, depicts the duo celebrating reaching the 1986 cup final, sharing a joke and some bubbly in the Manor Ground's dressing room. It is a wonderful photo that captures the buoyant mood that everyone at Oxford enjoyed during the glory years of the 80's.

Both players will sign the first ten photos on the pitch at the Kassam stadium before Oxford's Blue Square Premier match verus Altrincham on 31st October. The photos will then be available to purchase after the game.

Les and Jeremy scored the goals that saw United beat Aston Villa 2-1 in the tense semi final second leg at home after a 2-2 draw in the first leg. Midfield dynamo Les opened the scoring in the second half after driving home a headed knock down from John Aldridge following a fantastic pass by Trevor Hebberd. Welsh international Jeremy increased the lead with a goal from close range and went on to score the third goal in Oxford's 3-0 win over Queens Park Rangers in the final.

The former players were delighted to help the 12th Man Fund by agreeing to be the first Oxford legends to take part in an special series of limited edition photos that will be produced.

Jeremy said: "I am happy to help this great project, it's an absolute pleasure. The 12th Man Fund is doing well and hopefully this will help raise even more money. It is a credit to the Oxford fans who have always been magnificent and always supported the club so well."

He added: "I had a great three years playing for Oxford before my injury, during that time we won the Division Two title and then the Milk Cup it was a fantastic time. We had a magnificent group of players on and off the pitch and I loved my time there. Chris Wilder and the team are on a great run and hopefully they can keep it going and get Oxford back in the football league."

It is estimated the first phase of the 12th Man signed limited edition iconic photos will make well over 1,000 pounds profit for the fund. The unique product will make a fantastic memento for United fans. Only 100 will be available and will be sold on a first come first served basis - so early birds will get one of the ten photos signed on the pitch. Each image, printed on the finest quality Fuji film photographic paper, is individually numbered.

You can pre-order your copy by e-mailing:

The 10x8" limited edition black and white print signed by both players costs 20 pounds. A mounted and framed limited edition print is 45 pounds. Prints will be available for cash payment and collection after the Altrincham game in the Exhibition Bar. Deposits of ten pounds will be taken for fans who want a framed version - which will be ready for collection at the following home game.

Oxford fan and Mirror journalist Greig Box Turnbull, who came up with the scheme said: "When the Mirror launched its football website this season and released wonderful old archive photos I hit on the idea and thankfully the paper was happy to help.

"It's absolutely fantastic that former players are so happy to help the fund and give up their time to do so, it really shows how much affection they have for the club and the fans.

"The limited edition photos are a great piece of Oxford history and hopefully will help towards the club's future too."

Sign up for your photo via:

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

12th Man Update – 06.10.09

This piece was written for the Grays match programme and summarises recent 12th Man activity.

The 12th Man fund goes from strength to strength with new fundraising ideas popping up week by week. Here’s a quick roundup of what’s currently going on.

Priory: Our friends at the Priory pub are organising a Race Night in support of 12th Man on Saturday 21st November, (after the Barrow home match) at 8 p.m. All race horses to be named after United players, past and present. A few horses remain to be sold at £10 each, while individual races can be sponsored for £20. All money taken on the tote will be split 50/50 with the fund. Contact for details.

The Priory pub and its regulars continue to be huge backers of 12th Man. Get along there on a matchday to take part in their various fundraisers. Along with the White Hart at Bicester, and the Masons Arms in Headington, our local pubs are doing their bit.

OxVox membership: For the rest of the year, supporters’ trust OxVox is donating 25% of all new membership fees to 12th Man. Sign up around the ground today, or at

12th Man badges: A new supply of yellow badges is now available. A white ‘away’ version of the 12th Man badge was sold for the first time at Barrow and will be sold at future away matches. Limited numbers are also being sold at home today, because not all fans are able to travel.

Cult Zeros shirts: OxVox receives commission for 12th Man from the sales of these shirts made via the Cult Zeros website (select the OxVox option under ‘Where did you find us?’). We now have shirt designs for 11 players and the manager.

Face in the crowd: We will be taking photos again today for this month’s ‘Face in the Crowd’. If you are featured you will need to present your 12th man badge to club reception to claim your prize - a football signed by the players.

Sponsored walk: William Willmott is organising this walk from Kidlington to the Kassam Stadium before the Altrincham match on October 31. If you would like to sponsor a walker, or would like to walk, email and we will put you in touch with William.

6 a side: The tournament arranged for November 22 is fully booked and a second one has been organised at Brookes University two weeks later on December 6th to meet the demand. Please email for details on entering a team. Be quick!

Flag bearer: The flag bearer package for £50 is well established and matches are booking up fast. Please email for details.

Donations: Give £10 or more to 12th Man and you will be entered into a draw at the end of 2009 for the prize of a day at the training ground to meet the players! Give £20 or more and you will also receive a year’s free membership of OxVox! You can donate online, via the OxVox and OxKits websites, or send a cheque payable to ‘The 12th Man’ to 18 Harvest Way, Witney, Oxon OX 28 1EG.

Cartoons: Paul Wakeford offers to produce a unique cartoon of you, and for each cartoon sold a donation is made to 12th Man. For details see the picture at the top of this post.

Have an idea?: If you want to run an event or have a fundraising idea, do get in touch, via one of the fans’ groups or via the email above. We’d love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The 12th Man Walk - Kidlington to the Kassam Stadium, 31 October 2009

Plans are now well advanced for the sponsored walk organised by William Willmott to raise money for 12th Man. See the story on the OUFC website. It is hoped that the walk will raise over £1,000 for the fund. Anyone wishing to sponsor a walker, or even participate in the walk at this late stage, can contact or and we will pass on your email to William.

Monday, 21 September 2009

OxVox 6-a-Side Tournament

You won't come up against this guy if you play, but it's a nice image to introduce a new trust activity for 12th Man!

The official announcement of this event runs as follows:

OxVox are pleased to announce that it will be holding a 6-a-side football tournament with all the profits being donated to the 12th Man Fund.The event will take place on Sunday 22 November on the astroturf at Oxford Brookes University’s Headington campus. Places are limited to 16 teams and squads should be no larger than 10 players.

We can also reveal that Oxford United will be entering a team, so fans will get the chance to line up against former United players. The cost of entry is £60 per team and a trophy will be presented to the winners on the day. Anyone who would like to enter a side should email or call 07751 678621.

Oxford United chairman, Kelvin Thomas, said: “This is another great example of The 12th Man bringing the fans and the club together and will be a fun event. The Oxford Old Boys team always love a game and will be looking forward to taking on the fans. I'm sure it will be a day we all remember for a long time."

OxVox press spokesman, Mark Sennett, added: “This is a great opportunity for fans to get together and have a bit of fun, while raising a significant amount of money for the 12th Man Fund. Fans will also get a chance to play against some of their heroes, or maybe even catch the eye of a scout!”“

Anyone who wants to enter a team should get in contact as soon as possible as places are limited and expected to be filled quickly."

Friday, 18 September 2009

12th Man goes national!

The story so far for 12th Man receives some fantastic national exposure today with a feature on the Mirror Football site authored by journalist and OxVox member and 12th Man supporter Greig Box Turnbull.

The feature relates how the fund came about, describes the progress to date which has seen funds raised to sign Jamie Cook, giving the comments of Jamie himself, manager Chris Wilder and club chairman Kelvin Thomas, and takes a look to the future.

Speaking of the future, we are delighted to say we have a project backed by the Mirror in the offing, which will provide another boost to the fund - news about this soon!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jamie Cook comes home!

Jamie Cook is the first player to be signed with financial support from the 12th Man scheme, following his deadline day transfer today on a 2-year deal from our BSP rivals Crawley Town.

OxVox and the other fans' organisations and groups are very pleased that the fund has been instrumental in securing Jamie's transfer, and we look forward to seeing him scoring for the Us in weeks to come.

Jamie is pictured at the stadium today with the 12th Man flag, in a picture taken between the showers.

The following statement was released earlier this evening, with input from Tim Rosser on behalf of 12th Man:

Jamie Cook has come back to The U's after nine seasons away, with the fans helping to bring him home through their Twelfth Man scheme.

Originally a trainee with The U's Jamie made 77 appearances and scored seven times before joining Boston United, where his goals helped The Pilgrims win the Conference and a place in the Football League. Spells at Stevenage Borough, Bath City, Witney and Rushden and Diamonds followed before a successful move to Crawley Town where he has scored 32 goals in 68 starts (including three against The U's).

Able to play up front or on either flank, Jamie gives Chris Wilder plenty of attacking options and is likely to feature for the first time when United travel to Ebbsfleet on Saturday.

The signing has been possible thanks to the Twelfth Man initiative. This has seen supporters rally round the supporters’ organisations who have raised funds together and been instrumental in bringing Jamie back to his home town club. Chairman Kelvin Thomas said:

“The signing couldn’t have been a better one to show what the fans and the Twelfth Man movement can achieve. Jamie is one of the top players in this league and is also part of the United support himself: he used to stand on the London Road terrace and support the club at the Manor. Jamie has also taken a pay cut to come here and that shows his commitment.

“He is a perfect representative of what the Twelfth Man was intended to achieve.

“It is great to use the fund early. It shows the fans that there is something behind this initiative and for it to be Jamie is a win for all of us.”

Tim Rosser, spokesman for the 12th Man Fund, said:

“The 12th Man Fund are delighted to have contributed to Jamie's signing. He is a talented player with local roots who will add additional flair and creativity to our squad. We'd like to thank all the Oxford United supporters who have contributed to the fund to date and who have made this signing possible.

“We'd originally envisaged that we would only be in a position to assist Kelvin and Chris with squad strengthening in the January transfer window but thanks to the fantastic early response of our fan-base to our various fund raising ventures we are able to donate a sum to the club immediately.

“The 12th Man fund will continue to grow over the coming months and some exciting further projects are planned. We encourage fans to continue to raise funds so we can aid the club to sign players of a similar calibre in the future.

Welcome back, Jamie and come on you Yellows!”

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Badges on Saturday!

There'll be more badges for sale on Saturday in the concourses, the downstairs bar and in the Priory before we take on Stevenage. We'll try and cover as many areas as we can so it should be tough to leave the ground without having been asked for a couple of quid for a badge.

Watch out for the yellow buckets which the badge sellers will be carrying, or wearing on their heads, or something.

If all goes according to plan there will be prizes for a couple of people photographed in the crowd wearing their badges too!

We'll have an update on funds in the account early next week.

Monday, 17 August 2009

12th Man Beer - We'll drink to that!

The OLD BOG Brewery will have a new YELLOW beer making its home debut at this years Headington Beer Festival (4th,5th & 6th September @ The Masons Arms) called The 12th man.

All profits on the sale of this beer will go to the 12th man fund. We hope as many of our fans will be able to get their hands on this new 12th Man tipple.

Pop down to the Masons Arms where you'll be sure to get a friendly welcome by some loyal Oxford United supporters.

12th Man obviously promotes sensible drinking.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

12th Man Flag Bearer

One of the ideas behind the 12th Man Initiative is to bring the supporters, club, and team closer together. This week, the 12th Man Initiative, with the kind cooperation of the Club, launches another opportunity for a special and unique experience at Oxford United.

We are delighted to be able to offer the chance to become the 12th Man Flag Bearer for the day.

At every home league or cup fixture this season, one lucky individual will lead the Us’ squad out to the pitch, carrying the new 12th Man Flag – as designed, produced, and donated by a big supporter of the 12th Man Initiative, OxKits.

One supporter will be able to sample the atmosphere by the tunnel as the crowd build up to kick-off, before leading the team out as the 12th Man, the representative of us the supporters.
As the supporters’ representative, bearing the 12th Man flag, you can help build the atmosphere in the ground to create a positive atmosphere, and spur the Us on to another important victory. The 12th Man will be present with the Captains and Referee during the coin toss, before official photographs are taken to record the occasion.

In addition, you’ll have an official tour of the stadium before the match and be able to take to the field with the 12th Man flag to generate a positive atmosphere in the lead-up to bringing the teams out.

This experience will cost just £50.00 as we want all fans to be able to have the opportunity to have this experience. But with a minimum of 22 home league games remaining this is a limited opportunity.

All proceeds will go into the 12th Man fund and matches are allocated on a first-come first served basis: so what are you waiting for?

To reserve your place please email!

Badge sales update

Last Saturday before the York match we sold out of the first 1,000 12th Man badges. A fantastic response by the fans.

A second batch of 1,000 are on order and should be delivered in time for the Stevenage match on Saturday August 22nd, so look out for the badges when you come to the game, buy one if you haven't already, and help to boost the fund.

We are getting together a team of fans to sell the badges in the concourses before that game, which will be the first league match with a full crowd at which they will be on sale.

Monday, 27 July 2009


12th Man Badges and 12th Man Squad Photo Auction Update

Further to the 12th Man Raffle and subsequent eBay auction, we are pleased to announce that the winning bidder was Mr C Simmonds (who paid £620.00). A special thanks to all that contributed to the 12th Man Raffle and subsequent eBay auction. We raised a substantial amount of money for the 12th Man - updated total to be announced soon.THE 12TH MAN TODAY announces the launch of special edition (limited edition) 12th Man Badges. The badges will be on sale in Oxford for the first time this Friday, before the pre-season friendly against QPR. Volunteers, including some from OxVox, GE09, and the Ultimate Yellows, will be out and about selling the badges from about 6.30pm, and will aim to be by the turnstyles as kick-off approaches.The badges are priced at a minimum of £2, although with all profits going to the 12th Man Initiative, we won't turn down any higher offers you might think these highly sought-after items are worth!The badges will also be available to purchase through our eBay account in the coming days. With the serious business of the season fast approaching, the 12th Man Initiative is gathering momentum as Oxford supporters do their bit to show they are the 12th Man of Oxford United. So wear your badge and show that you're a part of this! The profits will all go into the growing 12th Man Fund.

EBAY AUCTION UPDATE - Wednesday 15 July 09

12th Man seat back on the market! The 12th Man raffle drawn at the Oxford United Open Day, for which the prize was inclusion in the official club squad photograph to represent the fans, was won on Saturday by Jonathan Tudge. The raffle raised more than £800 towards the 12th Man fund. Together with other fund raising initiatives in the very first week of the 12 th Man’s Fund existence, supporters have already raised more than £1,000. Thanks to all of you that bought tickets and all of your kind words of support for the 12th Man concept. Jonathan, the winner, is based in Brazil and bought his ticket online, and not surprisingly is not able to take up the prize in person. However, we need a fan in the picture to symbolise the supporters as the team’s 12th Man. Jonathan has therefore kindly offered the prize back to the fans, and it is being offered over the next five days via an eBay auction which runs until Sunday 19 July. This allows fans who may not have participated in the raffle (and fans who did, to have a second chance of winning), by making an auction bid. It will raise a little more for the 12th Man fund, which has been set up to supplement the club’s playing budget with a view to the January transfer window. The fans groups involved in 12th Man suggest fans make bids if they wish. The item can be found on ebay by searching for ‘12th Man Oxford United’ and will be publicised on websites in the next day or so.This is the first of what we hope will be many fan generated fund raising initiatives for Oxford United throughout the coming season. The aim is to raise money for the club and equally importantly, to have some fun while doing so!

OPEN DAY REPORT - Monday 13th July

Members of different supporters' groups staffed the 12th Man stall, was besieged by fans buying tickets for the seat raffle to be in the first team photo representing the fans.The winner of the 12th Man Raffle, the ticket being drawn by Kelvin Thomas and Chris Wilder was Jonathan Tudge.Jonathan is a Us fan of long standing and is a professor at the University of North Carolina, who bought his tickets online last week. Jonathan splits his time between North Carolina and Brazil and is rarely in England.Jonathan emailed us before the draw to say that if he won the draw he would put the place in the photo up for bids, given that he is currently in Brazil. We'll be sorting that out with him next week and we've just emailed Jonathan to tell him he's won.The Prize will be featured on EBAY and will be available to bid on for 1 week, starting from 14 July 2009.An approximate figure for the sum raised by the raffle is around £850 (exact figure tbc) with £505 taken today and the rest online. Magnificent effort by the fans. Fans' group Giallo Esercito held a very busy penalty shootout today too, and gave a proportion of their takings to 12th Man, adding another £50 or so (again exact figure tbc).A running total for the amount raised by 12th Man will be posted regularly on websites, including this one.

Thursday, 9 July 2009


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The new 12th Man Initiative from Oxford United fans gets underway today, with the launch of an exciting and unique raffle which gives every United fan the chance to win a place in the official first team squad photograph for the 2009-10 season. Fans can buy tickets for £5 each to enter a draw to be held on the pitch at the Kassam Stadium at the end of the club’s Open Day on Saturday July 11th. The winning fan will meet the players at their photo call before the season starts, and will sit alongside the United players wearing the symbolic number 12 shirt, as the fans representative. Money raised from the raffle will go into the new ‘12th Man’ fund which has been set up to boost the club’s playing budget and to increase the chances of the club returning to the Football League. The 12th Man fund will be administered by a small committee of two fans’ representatives and two representatives from the club, Chairman and Manager, Kelvin Thomas and Chris Wilder. Payments will be made to cover costs which are additional to the standard playing budget – and will be primarily aimed at assisting with transfer fees, emergency loan player’s wages and the like – amounts which are not within the normal budget but might give the club an edge. Particularly in what is likely to be the crucial January transfer window. All fans’ groups are working together on the project. The fans involved in the Twelfth Man launch are working on fundraising events over the coming weeks, and we also encourage other fans to come up with ideas and events that will help. But we want to emphasise that the ‘12th Man’ is for every United fan, whether or not you are a member of any fans group. Club Chairman Kelvin Thomas on the 12th Man Initiative: “When I was first approached regarding this initiative I was impressed by the thought process and the level of detail that was put into it. I think it is a great idea and just shows once again what great fans this club has. We are happy to support the initiative and will help the fans in any way.” Tickets for the raffle are available online via the websites of Giallo Esercito, OxVox, Rage Online and Ultimate Yellows, and can also be purchased by sending a cheque payable to 12th Man Initiative to 18 Harvest Way, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 1EG (include a phone number or email address). Tickets will be on sale at the Open Day up until the last minute prior to the draw.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

12th Man Raffle

12th Man announces raffle for squad seat! 01 July 2009 DO IT FOR THE SHIRT! JOIN THE FIRST TEAM SQUAD

See below for details of 12th Man's exciting raffle for your chance to appear in the official team photo this season representing the fans, the 12th Man of Oxford United.To buy a ticket for £5 online, click on the button below and pay with a credit or debit card, or via a PayPal account if you have one. We will email you your ticket number before the draw takes place on July 11th at the end of the Open Day.


OXFORD MAIL - Friday 26th June BACK PAGE ARTICLEJon Murray reported the new initiaitive in the Oxford Mail when announcing that Oxford United were to 'RETIRE' the Number 12 Shirt in recognition of Oxford United Supporters.


OXVOX ARTICLE - Thursday 25th June 09There will be no player in the number 12 shirt in the United squad next season. Or rather, there will, but number 12 will be us, the fans. At a meeting organised by OxVox on Wednesday evening, around 30 fans including some from OxVox, Rage Online, Giallo Esercito and Ultimate Yellows met to discuss the launch of a new fans’ initiative, the 12th Man, which will, we hope, raise appreciable extra funds to supplement the existing playing budget. The aim is to provide a funding stream which United can use to enhance the budget for players, in areas such as transfer fees and loan player salaries. Fundraising will not be a simply a matter of asking for donations; the plan is to organise events and activities across the board appealing to different people, and raise money for the cause. OxVox for its part has already got the Cult Zeros T-shirts up and running, and is planning a 5 a side fans tournament for August 2nd, details of which will be available in the next few days. Club Chairman Kelvin Thomas and Commercial Manager David Jackson attended the meeting and the Club is lending the initiative its full support. Although started by OxVox, the idea is to establish a very broadly-based activity, involving fans connected with any supporter group and none, all around the 12th Man theme. Further announcements will follow, along with a formal launch in the coming days and weeks. A meeting is being organised next week to discuss and plan further. Meanwhile, forum debate will help the process of giving this idea the best possible chance of success.


RAGEONLINE ARTICLE - Wednesday 24th June 09It's an old cliché that football supporters can be the 12th man when it comes to cheering on their team to victory, and often in the past Oxford fans have lived up to that billing. Well, there's a new initiative that takes the adage one step further, and makes it a reality.At a meeting held tonight (Wed 24th June 09) a group of supporters, including representatives from OxVox, Ultimate Yellows, Giallo Escercito, Rage Online (of course), and a number of others met to discuss the launch of The 12th Man initiative, the purpose of which is to raise funds upon which United can call to put towards the costs of bringing in new players, whether that be a transfer fee, wages, or signing-on fees.The idea was supported by everyone present, who included United chairman Kelvin Thomas and Commercial Manager David Jackson. Indeed, Oxford have agreed to 'retire' the No 12 shirt, which won't be worn by any player but will instead be reserved as the fans' shirt. Initial fundraising ideas included a fans' five-a-side tournament and production of various items of merchandise, but more will be forthcoming when a committee, formed from some of those present tonight, meets next week to discuss taking the initiative forward.The idea is to give all supporters the chance to directly affect the quality of the team by providing a ring-fenced fund that the club can draw on to fund transfers, in addition to the money already budgeted by the club. More information will be released shortly, as fundraising gets underway with an eye on the January transfer window