Monday, 27 July 2009

OPEN DAY REPORT - Monday 13th July

Members of different supporters' groups staffed the 12th Man stall, was besieged by fans buying tickets for the seat raffle to be in the first team photo representing the fans.The winner of the 12th Man Raffle, the ticket being drawn by Kelvin Thomas and Chris Wilder was Jonathan Tudge.Jonathan is a Us fan of long standing and is a professor at the University of North Carolina, who bought his tickets online last week. Jonathan splits his time between North Carolina and Brazil and is rarely in England.Jonathan emailed us before the draw to say that if he won the draw he would put the place in the photo up for bids, given that he is currently in Brazil. We'll be sorting that out with him next week and we've just emailed Jonathan to tell him he's won.The Prize will be featured on EBAY and will be available to bid on for 1 week, starting from 14 July 2009.An approximate figure for the sum raised by the raffle is around £850 (exact figure tbc) with £505 taken today and the rest online. Magnificent effort by the fans. Fans' group Giallo Esercito held a very busy penalty shootout today too, and gave a proportion of their takings to 12th Man, adding another £50 or so (again exact figure tbc).A running total for the amount raised by 12th Man will be posted regularly on websites, including this one.

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