Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Andy Hill runs for the 12th Man this weekend

The London Marathon is on Sunday and there is still time to sponsor OxVox Trust member Andy Hill as he raises money for the 12th Man.

So far £500 has been received in online and other donations, including the £150 raised by Raging Fever in memory of Andy's brother Dominic who sadly passed away recently.

You can make a donation using the Paypal button on the OxVox website

Or you can send a cheque payable to ‘The 12th Man’ to OxVox at 18 Harvest Way, Witney, Oxon OX28 1EG, indicating that your donation is prompted by Andy’s run.

Please note that anyone donating £20 or more will receive a free membership of OxVox until 30 September 2011.

We all wish Andy well as he enters the final stages of preparation. Andy will carry the 12th Man flag at intervals on the course, so look out for him if you are going to London on Sunday to see the race.

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