Thursday, 14 July 2011

Results of the 12th Man survey

Results of the 12th Man survey

The online survey of fans about the future of the 12th Man fund, which closed at the end of last week, attracted 441 replies. Thanks to all who took part.

  • 45% (199) of the fans who replied wanted the fund to continue to support the first team, as at present.
  • 27% (118) would like it to support apprentice professionals coming through the youth system.
  • 17% (76) thought it should be used to make improvements to the match day experience.
  • 3% (15) felt the fund had served its purpose and should be closed.
  • 7% (33) made other comments.

Among the 33 others, 22 either chose more than one of the other options, or said the Club should decide how money was spent, 9 said the money should be put towards building the 4th stand or other stadium development, and 2 said the 12th Man brand should be used to promote the club in the community rather than to raise money.

A total of 33 said Yes, and 66 said Maybe, to the question about whether they were interested in being part of a working group. Contact details were supplied by 80, some of whom are on the existing mailing list, which is based on those who attended the initial meeting at which the fund was set up two years ago.

A total of 91 people said they would be willing to help pre-match. There were 27 who answered the question about fundraising expertise, some of whom described relevant skills. 84 supplied additional comments.

The next step will be to issue an invitation to everyone on the existing mailing list, and to everyone who left contact details, to a planning meeting organised by us in Oxford. If you gave your details, you should receive an email from us soon. Anyone who also wants to help but didn't complete the survey or leave their details will of course be welcome too. We are working on dates and we will be in touch with confirmation and details of how to reserve a place at the meeting in the next day or two.

Trevor Lambert
John Gould

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