Monday, 7 June 2010

Game of 66 World Cup Competition

How good are you at predicting the outcome of the World Cup?

Choose the teams you think will go through at each stage, and the eventual winners

This is a simple prediction game in which you select the teams you think will progress at each stage in the competition. At each stage you will get points for each correct choice. It’s not a very sophisticated game, you can even make inconsistent predictions, but you can only name the correct number of choices at each stage and you will only get points for correct predictions, naturally. Half the takings will go to the 12th Man Fund. A single winner will receive the other half (see below) unless there is a tie even after the tie break question in which case the prize will be divided equally. Please enter – the more the merrier. Entries will be accepted up to and including the closing date of 16 June, by which time all teams will have played the first of their group matches.

You can enter by post (£4) or online (£4.50). Full details are given

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