Monday, 12 July 2010

World Cup Competition result!

As you probably know by now, Spain beat Holland 1-0 yesterday in extra time in the World Cup Final.

The World Cup Competition scores have been calculated and the winner is declared to be Anthony Williams, who came through the field, having correctly tipped Holland and Spain to progress through to the semi-finals and the final, and Spain to win.

Congratulations to Anthony who wins narrowly by two points from Gilo, with an almost identical record but one fewer correct tips at the quarter final stage (five tipped correctly as opposed to six for Anthony). Sheedy11, the early leader, unfortunately did not pick any of the four semi-finalists. OxVox Neil ran the first two close, five points further back, but tipped Germany to contest the final with Spain.

A word of commiseration for trust committee member Brahma Bull bringing up the rear with Nightowl on 18 points. Don't give up the day job, BB!

Full results: Anthony Williams 49, Gilo 47, OxVox Neil 42, Adelino 41, Graham Neal 38, Mark Merritt 36, Mad Mick 35, Matt Derbyshire 33, Ian Faulkner 33, Sheedy11 25, KerryB 25, Phil Hawke 25, Yellow Dragon 24, Scoob 23, Clare-Mc 23, Chris Davis 21, Brahma Bull 18, Nightowl 18.

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