Friday, 2 July 2010

12th Man Squad Photo Raffle 2010/11

As happened last year, the club has offered a place in a squad picture for a fan, for the 12th Man. Twelve months ago we auctioned this opportunity and it raised £620.00 when Colt Simmonds won the opportunity to be photographed with the team.

This season, the person who wins this honour will attend the photocall on July 27 when the official squad photos are taken, meet the players, and a special squad picture will be taken including him or her, which will be displayed in the programme and on the club website.

A bit of an email debate has been held among the 12th Man contact group today about the best and fairest way to give everyone a chance to win this prize while raising funds for the 12th Man, and the conclusion is to raffle rather than hold an auction.

So tomorrow at the Open Day we'll be selling tickets at the OxVox stall for £1 each.

Also we are looking at ways of getting more tickets into people's hands before July 20 when it will be drawn. Unfortunately we don't have a home friendly before then so we'll have to be creative.

We'll set up something online next week, hopefully, we have to take care about prohibitions on raffle ticket selling e.g. on eBay and PayPal.

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