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12th Man terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the 12th Man Fund (2011 version) are set out below (click on the read more link to view)

Terms and Conditions

Memorandum of Understanding between Oxford United Supporters and Oxford United Football Club – in relation to the ‘12th Man Initiative’

This document sets out the structure of the Fund for the purposes of improving, enhancing and/or increasing the playing staff of Oxford United Football Club (hereinafter referred to as "the Club") through the Fund known as the "12th Man Initiative Fund” (hereinafter referred to as "the Fund").

The fund was originally administered by the OxVox Supporters’ Trust but is now administered by the members of the 12th Man Working Group of Oxford United Supporters.

1. The purpose of the Fund is to increase the playing staff of Oxford United Football Club, whether temporarily or permanently, in time of need. Any monies donated by the Fund to the Club are to be used solely to bring in new players or loan players, by paying part or all of either an essential transfer fee (in the case of a newly contracted player) or player wages (in the case only of a short term or emergency loan signing). The scheme will not apply to long-term or season-long loans. These monies are to be considered additional to, not a supplement of, the Club's normal budget for playing staff or new signings, unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

2. A Fund Management Committee will administer the Fund. The Fund Management Committee will consist of: two supporter representatives nominated by the 12th Man Working Group, the Club Chairman, and/or another designated representative of the Club.

3. Supporter members of the Fund Management Committee will be selected by a vote of the 12th Man Working Group and will serve on the committee subject to annual review.

4. For convenience of administration, the members of the Fund Management Committee shall agree a chairperson who shall not be either the Club Chairman or Club representative.

5. Any meeting to discuss the use of the Fund must be arranged with at least seven days’ notice unless the Fund Management Committee members unanimously agree a shorter period. A decision to commit available funds will require the Fund Management Committee members to participate, whether in person or remotely.

6. A member of the Fund Committee will be responsible for day-to-day administration of the Fund and its bank account. For the time being, this person will be the OxVox treasurer.

7. The Club may at any time apply to the Fund Management Committee for funds to bring in new players (under the conditions of section 1). Any such application will be considered by the Fund Management Committee on the merits of each application and any disbursements will be subject to the funds being currently available: no application will be granted against anticipated future funds. The decision as to whether to make funds available must be a unanimous decision of the Fund Management Committee.

8. No payments will be made to third parties involved in a transfer or loan deal - e.g. to players' agents, solicitors, advisers etc. All payments made will be net of VAT.

9. Any payments made shall be fully in accordance with the appropriate regulations laid down by the Football League and the Football Association and any other applicable governing organisations. It shall be the responsibility of the Club to ensure the conditions of such compliance are met in full.

10. No individual or group of donors to the Fund shall have the right to veto or otherwise influence any decision made by the Fund Management Committee as to the suitability of a player brought before the Fund Management Committee for consideration. The intention of the Fund is to make available to the Club funds for improving the playing staff that may not otherwise have been forthcoming - not to provide a fans' "veto" on the manager's decisions.

11. The Club will provide a receipt to the 12th Man Fund in respect of each payment made. Members of the Fund Management Committee will observe strict confidentiality.

(The original version of these terms was signed by Kelvin Thomas, Neil Carter and Rob Newton, 3 September 2009. This version was agreed by the 12th Man Working Group and Kelvin Thomas on 19 October 2011.)

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