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Meeting notes, 11 October 2011


Held Tuesday 11 October 2011 at Hawkwell House Hotel.

Present: Don Gale (Chair of meeting), John Gould, Rose Green, Danny Johnston, Trevor Lambert, Kim Lamont, Michael North, Paul Ridgley, Ray Whittaker.

Guest: Zoe Fathers.

Apologies for absence: Were received from Maurice Earp, Steven Sykes, Kelvin Thomas, Liam Wakeford, Paul Wakeford.

In SS’s absence TL acted as secretary.

Minutes of last meeting (23 August 2011): Agreed.

Matters Arising:

Fundraising activities:

a) Zoe Fathers – presentation re jewellery: Zoe was welcomed and described her jewellery, which included bracelets, earrings, cuff links, and tie clips. She was able to produce items with 12th Man logos under a glass tile finish and sample products were circulated and admired by the group. Zoe sold on match days through Sue Trafford and publicised her wares via a FaceBook group. They were made at cost for the 12th Man and typically £3 would accrue to the 12th Man on a £5 sale. Zoe passed over £79.50 to JG for the fund from recent sales, and the group extended their thanks to her for her efforts.

Actions: Zoe needs latest badge design in JPEG format (TL to provide); is happy to join the group and attend future meetings (SS to attend to invitation to join email group); will need publicity on flyers and 12th Man website etc (members to arrange as appropriate); and group will think about additional match day sales opportunities.

b) Standing order donation scheme flyer: Rough draft with text by SS was circulated and approved in general terms. TL confirmed that club had agreed in principle to include the leaflet in the final programme of October. The text would include mention of forthcoming activities and contact points.

Actions: Comments on text from group to TL as soon as possible (all); TL to liaise with James Robinson on layout; JG to advise on content of standing order mandate; Printing, envelopes to be arranged (TL or alternate); team required at 8am on Saturday 29 October at stadium to insert flyers into programmes (all welcome!).

c) Badge sales: DG reported that approximately £1100 had been taken and the cost of production should be covered and the activity should be into profit at the next home match. The two home matches in the last week of October would be targeted with a focused push to publicise and sell on the day, with all major stadium points covered.

Actions: More buckets to be obtained and prominently labelled (DG); previous sellers to be contacted for help (including Mark Bryden and Sean Wilde) (SS/TL); group members to inform DG if they can help on either or both games (all); sellers to be sought via FaceBook and website (TL); Football club and local media to be asked to help with publicity in run-up to the week (SS/TL/others).

d) Lanyards: A small order of 250 was agreed at a unit cost of 65 pence including VAT setup costs and delivery; the proposed sale price was £2.

Action: DG to order. TL agreed to underwrite any losses.

e) 12th Man Beer: It was confirmed by ME after the meeting that he had received a cheque for £196.40 from Chris Meeson, landlord of the Masons Arms, which is from the sale of 12th Man Beer at the Masons Beer Festival. The group wished to thank Chris warmly for his help.

f) Flag bearer log sheet: PR passed round the log sheet which showed all matches booked for the flag bearer until Saturday 21st January, with the exception of the JPT cuptie against Aldershot recently announced. The group congratulated PR on his efforts. Vacant dates would be publicised via website and FaceBook group.

Action: Any contacts for flag bearers on vacant dates on sheet to be passed to PR (all).

Use of internet forums: Some of the group were unfamiliar with the world of internet forums. It was desirable that more of the group were aware of how to find and use them, to help the group become more visible.

Action: TL to provide notes on the main OUFC related forums and how to access them, etiquette etc.

Cheque signatories/ bank account: JG had relevant paperwork and was within two or three weeks, he hoped, of setting up a new bank account for the fund which would be completely independent of OxVox signatories. It had been fully recognised for some time that the current position, in which the fund required an OxVox signatory who was not currently involved in the group, was anomalous and needed to be changed as soon as was practical. The signatories on the new account would be JG and 2 others from the group, to be confirmed and decided on the basis of proximity to Oxford, and all payments from the fund would require two signatures.

Action: JG.

Publicity: TL reported that the new website should be ready to go live in two weeks according to the developer Michael Reading, and he would keep the group advised of progress. He circulated a proposed list of organisations and people to contact when there was a 12th Man announcement to be made, including the football club, local media, supporter groups (OxVox and Rage Online in particular), and interested individuals. The FaceBook group set up by Simon Bradbury was 700 members strong, and assuming facilities stayed in place to message all members under changes currently taking place, it was potentially very useful.

Total in the fund: JG reported that £8,768 was banked in the fund account

Any other business:

a) Terms and conditions: The group was happy with the final draft of the terms and conditions and a copy could therefore be passed to Kelvin Thomas to sign on behalf of the football club.

b) Rob Hall / fund payment: The group was pleased with the signing of Rob Hall for a second month and that the fund had been called upon. No precise amount was known as yet but the club had confirmed that it would not exceed £4,000. Payment would be against documentary evidence of salary costs provided in confidence to JG and to the second person representing the fund on the payment subcommittee to their full satisfaction; it was agreed by the meeting that Danny Johnston’s offer to be the second person for the present would be accepted.

c) Dinner event: TL suggested a possible fundraising dinner event in November and had in mind a local restaurant which may be able to help; he would report back.

Date of next meeting: Provisionally November 15th 2011, to be chaired by Maurice Earp.

Action: MN to check availability of Kelvin Thomas and of the hotel room, and to book if confirmed, or advise group of alternative dates.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.

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